Sunday, June 06, 2010

Believe it or not!

Pine Tree Branches in Winter 9X12 Oil on Canvas/ Palette Knife

This is a odd canvas. Today you see many "wrapped" canvases that allow you to hang a painting without a frame. This is along the same lines only instead of a 90 degree angled wrap this canvas curves back. For the record - I didn't like working on this canvas - it was difficult because the edges are still too much of a part of the painting. The color is a little off in the photograph. This painting is much warmer than it appears. I tried to fix it but couldn't.
This painting had been sitting on my easle for months. Started in the dead of winter I forced myself to finish it up this afternoon. Hard to get in the mood to do a winter scene when its sweltering outside. But I have other things I want to paint and wanted to finish this up before moving on.
Its been a very long time since I have painted. I got way too busy with my job and some other things and lost my way for a while. Last Thursday I had a total melt down at work. I was asked to take on yet another task and I lost it. The task itself was small and insignificant but it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I left my office and went to Sonic to have a little break. I called my Dana on the phone and cried so hard that the poor car hop stood as far as she could away to hand me my order - she was really freaked out but that's okay - so was I.
One of the things that came out of that good cry (which my sister Vicki would call a "soul cleansing" - great name for it) was that I refocused on the fact that I need to paint even if its just a stroke a day - I NEED to paint.


Janelle Goodwin said...

This painting has a delicious feel to it. I'm glad you had time to finish it. How true that we artists need to make time to paint. Although sometimes it seems real life conspires against our painting time. Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way!

Cara said...

Thanks Janelle -

Dar Presto said...

This piece is awesome. It looks fluid and spontaneous. I would not have guessed that it came about in stages. I like the intimate scale of the composition.
Take good care of yourself!

Cara said...

Thanks Dar - its kind of funny. The finished painting looks nothing like the photo that inspired it - it sort of took on alife of its own.

Sandy said...

Glad to see this painting by you and sorry about your melt down, but those are needed sometimes.

Cara said...

Thanks for your comment Sandy - I really think with the passing of time I am becoming less and less able to cope with having to work at a 9-5 job instead of doing what my heart really longs to do.

Anonymous said...

It's tough to be an artist isn't it Cara? Seems like our creative mojo is the first thing to go when life gets to stressful or sad, and it's not easy to get it back. Keep painting!

Cara said...

Thanks Lilli - you are so right

Cara said...

Thanks Lilli - you are so right

The Voice said...


I am reading a book called. "You Want to Write" by a woman named Brenda Ueland - penned way back in 1938.

It is a fantastic read and really can translate to doing anything you love not just writing. I think, considering what you just posted and how you are feeling, this book might just be what you need to read.

Here is a teaser, she writes about Vincent VanGogh - that is why I posted Don McLean's, 'Vincent' - oddly enough, you were in my mind along with a couple of other people when I posted it and poof! You showed up again in my e-mail this AM.

I'm glad you did and it just serves as a reminder for me that the Universe really does conspire in strange and mysterious ways. I am glad our paths crossed. My world has certainly been enriched - disproportionately more so in my favor as my assessment goes.

The book is one that often gets recommended in creative writing programs. I think you will understand why.

At any rate, I love the painting and would love to buy it if you have any intent of selling it that is.

It is a Saturday morning and I am listening to KANW. I just read your post and it makes me happy to see your creative impulses are alive and well.

Be safe,

Cara said...

J -
Thanks for your words - they are encouraging and I appreciate that. The painting is gone but more to come so keep watching. I am going to find a copy of the book you mentioned -
Thanks again - Cara

Gerald Schwartz said...

As long as that need stays alive within you, us, the viewers, can enjoy the gifts you share. It is a responsibility to self and to those that care.

Cara said...

Gerald - thanks for your words - true as always -

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

firstly, I like this painting very much. I'm sure it's way more powerful in 'the real'.
You DO need to paint a stroke a day. For your own well being. I run into the same thing. I'm prolific then I stall (life gets in the way). I'm sure that until my dying day I'll be working on being more organized ;)
XOXOX to you..