Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've been tagged and he didn't even buy me dinner first!

My new good friend Bill Jones has tagged me. Obviously its his punishment for my not painting lately but the jokes on him, there's only one thing I love to do more than paint and that's write That's right! ( sorry couldn't resist).

So there are three the rules as I understand them.

#1 - You list a link to the artist who tagged you and that artist in turn sends you a thousand bucks and a few left over tootsie rolls. (Ha ha! Just kidding with you Bill)

But seriously, please do visit Bill at http://onpainting.wordpress.com/ where you will enjoy not only his art but also Lisa's. Both are phenomenal artists. In addition they will keep you laughing as they both have the funniest blog I've read in a while.

Rule #2 - Tell seven things about yourself that no one knows.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If you've been a reader of my blogs for any length of time you already know all about me. But....here are a few extras in the spirit of the game. In no particular order...

1.) I have an obsession with boxes. I can't throw away a good sturdy well shaped box. I have actually thrown away a box only to go dig it out of the dumpster a little later. I can't help it, I always think I might need it someday...

2.) I was married for twenty five years to my first husband who was a cop, a sniper on the SWAT Team at one time..... Then I met Dana...he's a biker....go figure.

3.) I would give anything to spend all my time writing and painting but unfortunately I have a real job in order to pay the bills. My full time job is as a student advisor for Columbia's YouthBuild Program. A national program for "at risk" youth between the ages of 16 and 24. I truly love it and work for the best company (JobPoint) I have ever worked for in my life. I have a second part time job as a commercial custodian. (Now you know why I don't have a lot of time to paint)

4.) I grew up in a haunted house.

5.) I finished writing my first novel about three years ago but have yet to edit it. I have a full outline and several chapters of a second one stuffed in a drawer somewhere.

6.) I skipped third grade and consequently graduated in 1974 at 16 years old. As my year book proves I had a pretty good time in high school.

7.) When I get to Heaven if they aren't serving Enchiladas I'm not staying. And yes, I put chile on everything..well okay not on pancakes but even then I like Blue Corn Pancakes with Pinon.

Finally, Rule #3 - Tag seven other artist you admire. ( I admire so many that I had a hard time choosing so I just picked seven at random - all of them are wonderful artist as are the other s listed on my blogs)

Ron Morrison

Dee Sanchez

Todd Bonita

Rob Ijbema

Dusty Duck Tales

Christopher Greco

Grave Reflection

Thanks for visiting and I hope I entertained you for a little while.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"The Watering Can" (better photos)


I like these photos much better. They accurately portray how dark the darks are. This is a beautiful little 7x9 inch oil study of my favorite watering can full of flowers.
These two photos show the brushwork on the can - I really had a great time with this one.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just to let you know I'm still working...

"The Watering Can"

Guys this is a terrrrrrrible photo but I wanted to post it anyway just to prove I'm still painting (and to get Bill off my back - ha, love ya Bill).

Any advice out there for photographing paintings without a bunch of ritzy gizmos? I have a 4.0 Olympus Camedia Digital Camera. Normally I snap my photos outside - early morning - out of direct sunlight and that's been very productive. However, we have had cloudy weather for days now and I can't get an outside photo.

I'd love any tips you can share. But in the meantime, this will give you a suggestion of my newest painting. Oil on a 7x9 inch stretched canvas entitled "The Watering Can". This photo misrepresents the white lilacs, making them look more pale pinkish - violet. (Yeah right, run out and get a tube of that why don't cha?). But in person there is much more white in the lilacs. The background is also much much darker. A better transition from the back of the table to the distant wall....I just have to get you a better picture, then you'll get it. I'll keep trying -