Saturday, May 17, 2008

A tiny little exercise with surprise results -

This was an experiment on a little 4x5 inch canvas board. I painted the entire board that "cloud red" color and then worked backwards to cut the sky back in around it. Maybe you guys have been doing it that way all along but it was new to me. I loved the results. Its also the way I did the sky scape on my last painting of Nuestra de Senora Refugio, the one with the massive thunderhead cloud. Then I quickly blocked in some mesas to establish proportion. This was very quick and lots of fun.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

First trip back into the studio.


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Well, here it first painting after my heart attack. A pale attempt but at least I did it. I climbed the stairs to my studio (with my Doctor's permission) and had to sit and rest for a while. I was too tired (maybe lazy) to find a picture to work from or worse yet set up a still life so I just dipped my brush and winged it...making it up as I went along.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

An Apple a Day

I had every intention of going back into the studio and doing some painting but was hit with a very sudden wave of exhaustion. So with your forgiveness I'll post an old study from the past.

I saw the doctor yesterday, they say I'm doing well on all my new meds - man, there are so many, it seems my entire day is made up of swallowing pills.

Its such a bizarre feeling to not have the control of your health and body that I always took for granted. After yesterday's doctor's visit I woke up this morning feeling good and thinking that today would be the day that my new life would really take off. A little over ambitious I guess, I was back in bed right after lunch.

I know my strength will return but I'm at an uncomfortable crossroads - I'm still too weak to do much but have recovered enough to be getting very bored.